Been a While….

Hello My Dear Followers and Guests.

I know it’s been a long time since I first started this blog and it’s been blank for months, I do apologize; things happened and life got very complicated very quickly.  A lot of things went on the back burner and I have been reprioritizing the last few months, so please bear with me.

This week my goals are to get Book Reviews up – some that were on my previous blog as well as some new ones, Interviews – previous interviews AND a few new ones from some exciting authors as well, PLUS, I will be answering my own interview questions and asking for my readers/followers to submit their own questions they would like to ask me or the authors I have interviewed and I will do my best to get those answered.

BONUS – I started writing the last few weeks, I plan on sharing a few snippets over the coming months as I fill up legal pads, yes, I write with a black pen and on a legal pad (most of the time).

Sit back and enjoy the ride; a new calmer, more focused, and quirky Stephanie is around. Let’s have some fun and get this blog going. 🙂



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