Book Review ~ “The Mating” by Nicky Charles

After reading ‘The Mating’ all I can say is WOW!

Kane and Elise are thrown into an arranged ‘mating’ aka marriage by her father for ‘political’ reasons. After a short ‘hi, I’ll be your mate’ and then the actual ‘bedding’ Elise is wisked away from the only territory, family and friends she has ever known, including her bestfriend, Brian.
Strange things have been occuring in Kane’s pack for some time and as Elise enters into this her new pack, she finds friendship in the previous Alpha’s wife and Kane’s beta and his wife. Elise seems to bring trouble and mischief with her as her and Kane’s world start to collide with that of a ‘mysterious’ wolf or persons unknown.
Despite the unconventional way that Kane and Elise are thrown together, they learn to lean on one another and to trust; even if they do need a bit of help.
This story is not your conventional ‘werewolf’ tale (excuse the pun); it’s a story of two people who are unsure of eachother and who have to get past their mistrust and learn to trust not only eachother, but the love that has bloomed between them.
The reader is kept on the edge of their seat as the novel comes to a close; don’t skip ahead as you WILL miss someththing important.


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