Book Review ~ “1984” by George Orwell

First off I need to say a few things about my ‘reading style’  and personal views, the first is that I can typically read a book in 4 days to a week, that has slowed down a bit as of late, yet that’s my ‘norm’, secondly, my political views run more on the Conservative side and lastly, this book scared the HELL out of me, not for the reasons you may think, but because with what is going on in the United States Right now, I see WAY to many parallels from what is occurring right now, in 2012 to what Orwell writes about in this novel, “1984”.







Imagine living in a world where ‘BIG BROTHER’ is watching you and tells you those things, you see the propaganda everywhere, you cannot have ANY private conversations because someone you know, love and trust might turn you in. How about not loving your own children? Sound horrific?! That’s the world that George Orwell has created in his novel “1984”. A world where those things are part of life. A world where if you are alive today and win an award or make a significant contribution to humanity, tomorrow you could be erased and no proof of your existence will remain, even in the minds of your friends and family; they may ‘remember’ but they aren’t allowed too. Where countries are at war with one another today and at peace with them tomorrow and as far as any newspapers are concerned it was always that way. Now, imagine trying to be in love, in that same world. Is it possible? Would you betray that elusive love if you were able to find it?

Winston and Julia find love in this world where even intimate encounters are considered taboo. They find each other through unconventional means while working for the Ministry of Truth, and believe that they have evaded ‘BIG BROTHER’; the real question is have they??

Orwell’s novel takes you through the romantic affair of these two as they attempt to have a relationship without getting caught or worse imprisoned and possibly sent to “Room 101”.  Winston and Julia sneak out to have those ‘private’ encounters; they even try to get help from a friend O’Brien. Is he really a friend and comrade against BIG BROTHER as he says he is or he is actually BIG BROTHER or an agent?!

This novel shows what truly happens when BIG BROTHER, aNannyStateand Socialism all collide and personal choice and freedoms are all but removed.

“1984” is very worth the read, I have taken the time to read it a few times and I always get more out of it the more I read it. This novel gives you thought and makes you take a look at what you want or don’t want in your own life and world.


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