20 of my Favorite Novels

Over the next few weeks I have some exciting interviews [a few more are TBA] and book reviews coming, sneak peak at who you will learn about – J.S. Marlo the author of “Unscripted”, Jessica Scott who wrote “Because of You” and Heather Huffman who did “Ring of Fire” and “Suddenly a Spy”. Those three ladies have agreed to answer some ‘tough’ (yea right) questions from moi, your friendly and sometimes silly blog writer and avid reader. Reviews for their books will also be coming up; PLUS, one of those authors as agreed to do a GIVEAWAY, stay tuned for details!!

Today I thought I would pick 20 of my favorite novels and share those, I’m only going to give a short bit on each; they are in alphabetical order to be fair.

Please enjoy and maybe you will pick up a new author or book from my list.



“1984” Orwell, George ~ This book is a classic and will keep you reading, once you get over the shock of lack of privacy that the characters endure. It made my list because I can honestly say, it scared me and made me look at my own government with new eyes.

“Because of You” Scott, Jessica ~ Keep tissues handy when reading this novel. watching how the main characters live ‘life’ on life’s terms and learn to love and live despite their ‘flaws’. Very realistic and heartwarming.

“Bible” God ~ I was raised to be a good Christian/Baptist girl; I still hold onto many of those teachings and beliefs.

“Blood of the Land” Brennan, Noel-Anne ~ None of my other friends have read this, yet, its worth the read. A mother who looses her child and who is the head of her country, it broke my heart, yet, she finds a lost love along the way. Awwwwww

“Dawn’s Awakening” Leigh, Lora ~ Part of the “Breeds” series, this book will make you angry, sad and give you hope all in the same chapter. Going on Dawn’s journey to find her mate that she had abandoned touches your heart as Seth risks his heart for his mate.

“The Deed” Sands, Lynsay ~ If you can make it through the first chapter without laughing you are a stronger person than I. I laughed my way through this novel and fell in love with the characters. Steamy romance sceens just make it that much nicer.

“Going Rogue” Palin, Sarah ~ Are you surprised?? I admit I am Conservative, so this should not be a shocker. Sara Palin’s first book gave me hope as a woman and a mom. She openly shares her struggles with being pregnant Trig and about taking on the Democrats in her state.

“The Jungle” Sinclair, Upton ~ Very hard book to get through. Watching the struggles and deplorable conditions that people lived in during the turn of the century before labor laws. As an adult I can understand it more than if I had to read it as a teen.

“The Last Oracle” Rollins, James ~ I’ve always been facintated by the Oracle of Delphi and this book took on what I thought I knew and brought it into the modern age as well as explained where her ‘powers’ came from.

“The Left Hand of Darkness” Le Guin, Ursula K. ~ Interesting does not begin to describe this novel. Can you imagine changing your gender on a regular basis?! What about being a reporter on an alien world? Take a peek into a strange new world where reporters are not always treated with kid gloves.

“The Mating” Charles, Nicky ~ Hot. Steamy. Werewolves. Mystery. Murder. Sounds like a great night of reading to this self proclaimed paranormal romance junkie.

“Memnoch The Devil” Rice, Anne ~ I have read this novel more than a dozen times; first I read it because it was part of the series and ‘phase’ I was in, then I read it as plausible theology. Since none of us were there when God created the world, who knows.

“Memoirs of a Geisha” Golden, Arthur ~ The movie did the book justice as far as the visuals are concerned; the novel is far better (as most books are). I loved reading this and would wake my mother up laughing and have to reread parts to her.

“Raise the Titanic” Cussler, Clive ~ First Cussler novel I ever read, despite that my mother read ALL of Cussler’s novels. Dirk Pitt has an enormous task ahead of him, get the Titanic up AND solve a mystery, can he do it??? Hmmmmm It’s Dirk Pitt you are talking about.

“Revenge” Delamar, Dana ~ Italy. Mafiso. Love. Betrayal. Honour. Makes for an exciting novel and steamy novel. Fall in love with the characters and watch them ‘take care of things’ as only they can.

“Sahara” Cussler, Clive ~ A movie did come out loosley based on this, I HATED the movie and LOVE the novel, you figure that out. Very heart wrenching in places and with action like on Cussler can deliver this novel kept me up til way past midnight reading.

“True Blue Knight” Williams, Roseanne ~ First romance novel I ever read and still a favorite after all these years. Compared to other romance novels I read now, its low key, yet the plot balances that out and it always brings a smile to my face.

“Unscripted” Marlo, J. S. ~ I don’t know much about Canada, but if all the men look half as great as the male characters in this novel, it’s a place I HAVE to visit. A delicate plotline that leaves you guessing and wanting more awaits a reader.

“Weep No More My Lady” Higgins Clark, Mary ~ Originally, I thought this was a ‘victorian’ novel, I was mistaken and I was taken to a resort where murder was in the forefront, but who did it?? Great introduction to a wonderful writer.

“Zoya” Steel, Danielle ~ A girl friend lent me this novel and I’m glad she did; I love things on the Romanov’s and this fit me. This new take on things with modern twists and turns was a wonderful read while waiting to pick up kids.


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