Book Review ~ “Ring of Fire” by Heather Huffman

**DISCLAIMER** I received a copy of this in exhange for a review.
I gave ‘Ring of Fire’ 4 stars, the biggest reason is that the underliying theme of ‘green energy’ being good is in conflict to my personal views, other than that, I loved the book. Also, I expected more ‘intimacy’ than the book delivered.
This was the first novel I have read by Heather and her writing style and the way she kept the reader engaged in the story with little twists and turns kept me reading. I started to fall in love with the young Lani in this novel, her courage and the way that she went with the flow was a great addition to the novel. Daniel “Joey” and Alex make a great pair, they fight and they butt heads throughout the novel making for some great argument and political sceans.
While reading ‘Ring of Fire’ I was impressed by the way that Heather kept the story line progressing and and the growth that the supporting characters as well as the main characters showed as the novel went on.
My 12yr old son caught the name of the book and started to tell me all about ‘The Ring of Fire’ and asked me why I was reading a ‘school book’; I had to laugh, I was waiting for him to ask about the Johnny Cash song. However, my son did sit down and read a few pages of the novel; he liked the ‘explosive’ beginning, so he may end up reading this in the near future.
All in all, the novel lived up to my expectations.


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