Happy 12th birthday to my son

Happy birthday to my 12-year-old.

12 years ago about right now I gave birth to a 9 pound baby boy, I almost died bringing you in this world; heaven knows you were worth it.

For almost 8 years it was just the two of us, then four years ago we met a man who I would marry you would call dad. You and I have had our ups and downs are good times and bad through all of that I am a very proud mama. For the last few years you have read at a 12th grade level or above, that has to be one of my greatest accomplishments with you, is that you love to read and as much as you like your video games you will pick up a book just as easy and even ask to read more or even some of mine.

Introducing you to go to a love of reading has been one of my greatest pleasures and experiences as a mother. I read to you as I was carrying you all nine and a half months, I read to you as an infant as I held you in my arms. I have watched you read novels that most adults would not touch and I have watched you out read your fellow classmates and keep wanting to read even more you have surpassed any and all reading expectations and were even offered a chance to go into an advanced English class for seventh grade; since the small school district we are in does not have an advanced English class for you, maybe you will get to go into the advanced English class once you reach high school and a couple of years.

I am very proud of you and the young man you are becoming today I wanted to share this here with all of my friends who enjoy reading almost as much as you do.

I love you big guy.

Love, Mom


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  1. danadelamar
    Jul 25, 2012 @ 22:20:15

    Aww!!! What an awesome post! Connor sounds like a really amazing kid, and you remind me of my mom and how she instilled a love of reading in all of us kids. It was one of her greatest gifts to us.


    • stephsbookretreat
      Jul 27, 2012 @ 08:53:41

      Thanks Dana. 🙂 Connor says “thanks”. I read “Love You Forever” to Connor months before he was born and while we were in the hospital, he recognized the book and it always calmed him as a baby.


  2. Leonard Marks
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 19:32:03

    great post


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