Current (only 10) TBR books

It’s a Sunday so I’m gonna keep things light today, my TBR list is sooooo long that I thought I would share, maybe some of my followers and friends have read these and share some suggestions; To be fair, I’m just going to list them as they are in my closet (I keep ones that are in a series and some of my favs there, I like books a heck of a LOT more than shoes 🙂 ) Most are on my iPhone so I always have them around and they are begging me to read them; Kindle and Nook are constantly reminding me that new books are out and to be a good bookworm, I take a ‘peek’ and end up downloading more novels; don’t you just hate when that happens. 🙂

Side Note ~ I read paperbacks while in the tub and my iPhone (usually) when I’m baking or just reading causally; I’m scared of dropping my phone in the tub, so paperbacks are a better bet and when I’m baking it’s easier to leave my app open and switch batches in the oven then come back.



“The Husband Hunt’ by Lynsay Sands ~ 3rd novel in her trilogy about the Madison sisters, this one is about Lisa the youngest. This novel follows “The Countess’ and “The Heiress”.

“The Devil’s Colony” by James Rollins ~ This is in his current series, I don’t know where it falls as far as in the order, but it’s staring at me and I can alsmost hear it say “read me Stephanie, you know you want too”.

“The Viking’s Touch” by Joanna Fulford ~ It’s in my nightstand drawer so it must therefore be read so it can be put into my craftroom. Vikings are always hot, I’ll take a chance on a new author.

“Beauty and the Feast” by J.R. Barrett ~ On my Kindle, so it must have gotten my attention for some reason, the cover is intriguing. Men. Food. I might need chocolate when I read this one.

“Bound by Blood” by Tara Manderino ~ I started this one and so far I’m intrigued, I must have stopped to read a current book out and it lost it’s place in my TBR, that will change.

“Honor Bound” by Brenda Novak ~ I read one of her other novels and have a few of her short stories, so I’ll take a chance of this one, sometimes you luck out and discover a new author that way.

“A Scarlet Bride” by Slyvia McDaniel ~ This is about revenge and a woman getting her good name back after being accused of being an adultress. Revenge is best served with being happy.

“Secret Bodyguard” by Lori Crawford ~ A woman bogyguarding a spoiled rich guy?! Hmmmm Definitely worth a read.

“Taken By the Cowboy” by Julianne MacLean ~ I loved her Highlander Trilogy, this one sounds just as steamy.


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