Book Review ~ “Unscripted” by J.S. Marlo

**Disclaimer** I was given a copy in exchange for my review.
This novel captured my attention and made me want to keep reading, despite the late hour. With all the twists and turns in this novel it kept me on my toes. I would look at the page number and be shocked I was less than half way through with the amount of action that had taken place already.
‘Unscripted’ was such a wonderful read, I kept tissues nearby, as a few points I was close to needing them. Hux is a sexy actor whose wife is in a coma from a gun shot and Riley is a contest writer who lost her first husband and is married to Oliver a fire investigator. Taking place in Canada, they meet when Riley wins a script writing contest. Their lives become intertwined as Riley and Hux develop a close friendship; and learn to lean on each other as someone plots against them and their lives are thrown into chaos and they find out just how much they need each other.
J.S. Marlo, takes her reader through a gambit of emotions and leaves them wanting more and to help solve the mysteries that are expertly woven throughout this novel.
This novel was worth the late nights reading and definitely a novel I will be rereading.
~*~ Side note – Thank you to J.S. Marlo, for being so understanding as it took me longer to read her wonderful novel than the time frame that was requested.



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