Happy B-Day to Me

Today is my birthday, yes, I will admit my age, I am 32 thankyouverymuch; my hubby and I are taking off tomorrow for the weekend visiting the BEAUTIFUL California Central coast [my mom, aka “Nana” is staying with the boys], so today, NO book review or interview. For the next 7 days, I will post a few book reviews from some novels that I enjoy and have read more than once; I am going to try my hand at posting some pictures/icon thingies I enjoy that are reading/book related. Mostly my posts will be casual and silly; I’ll get back to reviews and interviews next week, also a few surprises if I can iron out some details. 😉

Today I get to take my boys to the doctor for checkups, pack for my weekend away, quick cleaning and do last-minute laundry. 🙂 I enjoy every moment of being a stay at home mommy, even the laundry part.

Have a wonderful weekend to my FANTASTIC readers and guests who have just recently discovered my little retreat. I hope you enjoy the book reviews, interviews and other snippets and miscellaneous stuff I throw your way. I am going to be updating reviews and interviews (formats) in the coming weeks, so please, be patient; I’m trying new stuff, sometimes they work, other times they don’t. Feedback is welcome.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend,



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