Book Review ~ “Rogue Hunter Trilogy” by Lynsay Sands

Today begins a 3 day journey of 3 different trilogies.

“A Rogue Hunter Novel” ~ This trilogy includes “The Rogue Hunter”, “The Immortal Hunter” and “The Renegade Hunter”; these novels are a subseries in Lynsay Sands “Argeneau” Novels. It is best to read the trilogy in order (as listed here) to best understand what happens in the previous novel, yet like all of Lynsay Sand’s novels, they can stand alone.

For those who have not discovered these novels, a few things you MUST know before diving in ~ 1, They are NOT vampires; 2, Do NOT call them Vampires, they are Immortals; 3, They do have rules; 4, When they meet their lifemate, hold on tight because some intense romance is about to commence.

Some of the signs they have found their lifemate ~ 1, They start eating again, for some it’s been hundreds or possibly over a thousand years since they had a nice steak; 2, They cannot read or control the mind of their lifemate; 3, Shared dreams, erotic, hot, fun dreams 😉  4, They will probably pass out after some very intense sex. Sound like fun?! Then you are ready to dive into the world of Immortals.

“The Rogue Hunter” ~ Samantha & Garrett fall for each other, not in your typical fashion, for one, Garrett is an Immortal and he is a rogue hunter. He along with other hunters seek out those Immortals who violate their laws by feeding off mortals, that is allowed in some circumstances (emergency, some immortals have to feed off mortals) others, do it as gruesomely as possible. Sam heads to the lake for some relaxation with her sisters and finds Garrett and his buddies in the cabin next door, a good fling to help her relax then back to her job as a lawyer, so she thinks.

“The Immortal Hunter” ~ Decker finds himself saving the life of Dr. Danielle McGill, while on the hunt for an immortal, who may be part of a group targeting mortals, the catch, this immortal may be a member for his own family. When Dani’s sister gets kidnapped and Decker comes to the rescue, Dani starts to open her eyes to things that as a doctor she knows are not suppose to be possible. Their journey to find love and each other is nothing like what either of them expects.

“The Renegade Hunter” ~ Once upon a time, Nicholas Argeneau was a at the top of the rogue hunter food chain; then when his wives started to die mysteriously, he turns into the hunted. For the last 50 years Nicholas has lived alone and been deemed a ‘rogue’ by friends and family. When Nicholas comes to the rescue of a Miss. Josephine Wilan, he finds what has been denied him for years, love. Can Jo take a chance on a man who might be a ruthless killer? Or is someone setting him up?? Jo risks her own freedom and heart to prove the man who rescued her is not a killer and only wants to claim and possess her heart.


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