Book Review ~ “Highlander” Trilogy by Julianne MacLean

Day 2 of our Trilogy Journey; today I am taking you to the Highlands of Scotland and introducing you to 3 delicious warriors. “Highlander” trilogy by Julianne MacLean; I discovered these by accident, the cover to the first novel, “Claimed by the Highlander” caught my attention and the back kept it. “Claimed by the Highlander, “Captured by the Highlander” and “Seduced by the Highlander” are sure to make any lady feel like she has been transported to the 1700s in Scotland, where men were men and women were claimed, captured and seduced at their own peril and sometimes against their will.

“Claimed by the Highlander” ~ Angus “The Lion” MacDonald captures Lady Gwendolen from her own bed, {the barbarian}; as his prize after a sneak attack on her father’s castle, Angus takes possession of Gwendolen, his goal is to unit their clans and stop a long feud, he doesn’t plan on falling in love with the daughter of his enemy. Gwendolen tries her best to hold onto her innocence and her willpower, yet, Angus is a formidable foe. As they try to fight against one another and the chemistry that is between them, someone amongst them is plotting Angus’s demise…..

“Captured by the Highlander” ~ The best way to make a woman fall in love with you?? Stand over her bed with an axe ready to kill her would NOT be on my list, yet, that is exactly how Lady Amelia awakes and finds a fierce warrior, Duncan MacLean {an ancestor of the author perhaps??!!} standing over her. Duncan was looking for someone else and not his enemy’s betrothed, instead of killer her, he decides the best revenge is to take her with him, Duncan didn’t count of falling for the lass and she for her captor…

“Seduced by the Highlander” ~ The final novel in this trilogy, Lachlan MacDonald, the last of our sexy Highlanders to find love in an unexpected way. Lachlan meets Lady Catherine, who unfortunately for her is suffering from amnesia. Upon first meeting, Catherine knows that Lachlan holds the keys to her memory and her past if only they can unlock those closed doors together, yet one of Lachlan’s past trysts has put a curse on him and that has kept him from falling in love again. Will he risk the curse of a spurned lover for Catherine??


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