Book Review ~ “McCabe Men” Trilogy by Maya Banks

Final Day of our Trilogy Journey, today we are ending with Maya Banks “McCabe Men”. This best selling author was introduced to me by eyeonromance {thank you sooo very much Tara}; Tara had a snippet of “In Bed with a Highlander” and yes, in typical Stephanie fashion, the cover got me interested, as I read about the novel I got more interested and ended up with the trilogy a short time later. These novels are steamy and have wonderful plot lines than will keep you reading late, even a few “battle of the sexes” scenes for an added twist, prepare to laugh; I found you do need to read them in order to get the hottest results 😉

“In Bed with a Highlander” ~ The eldest of the McCabe boys, Ewan is a warrior in every sense of the word; yet like every warrior, he has a soft side hidden deep within and Mairin the illegitimate daughter of the king. Ewan and Mairin do not fall in ‘love at first sight’ he is brash, hardened and commanding, she is strong, wary and forced into a marriage that she doesn’t desire. Their love story kept me reading as did the humour that Maya weaves do delicately.

“Seduction of a Highland Lass” ~ Keeley McDonald is a strong woman who has been cast out of her clan, as a healer Keeley nurses back to health a man who falls at her doorstep, Alaric McCabe. Alaric was on his way to marry another, yet when he falls on Keeley’s doorstep their forbidden love and passion ignite. Alaric becomes torn between loyality to his family and the woman he loves.

“Never Love a Highlander” ~ Wraps up this wonderful trilogy. Caelen McCabe agrees to marry the woman his brother Alaric was suppose to marry; Rionna is strong woman who knows that Caelen’s heart isn’t in marrying her, yet, to spare her family humiliation and due her duty, Rionna is willing to marry Caelen. As they find love and passion in each other’s arms, Rionna finds out who is really is and love.


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