Reading Icons & Pictures for your Weekend

A little about why I choose these ~ The first is because of all the wonderful romance writers I have read and met say this is acurate, it’s also me when when I’m in my ‘writer’ mode. The Second is what I tell other people all the time. Third, is me when I finish, if it’s an emotional book I have to take a short break and reread something else to clear my head. Lucky number 4, is what I tell my son, he reads so much, he is welcome to some (not all) of my books, he knows what authors are offlimits (mom’s romances). The fifth one hits me hard because of the ‘stuff’ that happened a few months ago, people judge without knowing you and all the facts. Last but not least, I think a lot of readers and maybe some authors experience that as well.

Yes, today was a silly or fluff piece; that’s me, silly at times and always on te look out for things I find amusing or inspirational.


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  1. Eric Shupps
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 01:39:25

    Fantastic post. Very helpful. Thanks for the info.


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