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Happy Tuesday!!! While my husband and I were on vacation last week, I had some time to think and relax, one of the things that occurred to me was how some of my favorite book series would make AWESOME movies or even tv series. To be fair, a few HAVE been made into a movie or a tv series. I’m going to take a few minutes out of your Tuesday and share a few that are either a TV series or a movie and some that I wish would make it onto the big or little screen. If you have any more to add, please comment or if you agree or disagree I would love your feedback.

Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charaline Harris has been made into a TV series on HBO, True Blood; the first few seasons I thought were fine, after that, it lost me. I won’t be watching any more episodes, too far from the series and the characters are not like how they were/are in the novels, sorry HBO, you lost this fan.

Sahara & Raise the Titanic! are both novels that were written my Clive Cussler and have been made into movies; I have read both novels yet only seen “Sahara” which in my opinion fell very short of the novel, I was actually so disappointed that I threw pillows at the tv screen. The movie lost all the passion that the novel embodied and the deapth, not to mention that it painted Dirk Pitt, the dashing hero as a treasure hunter, which is contrary to who Pitt is/was. I’m going to find a copy of Raise the Titanic! since I have heard great things about it and I know someone who worked it 🙂

Harry Potter Series, I’m not going to list all 7 novels by J.K. rolling, we all know them, I have seen the first 6 movies, I will get around to watching the last two based on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, just not right now.  I enjoyed the novels to the point that I have had conversations with people I don’t know and it was like speaking with an old friend.

A few of Lisa Gardner’s novels has been made into tv movies, “Hide” and I believe another one has as well (I will update this post once I get that confirmed or not in the near future). I haven’t read this novel to my knowledge, I have it, it is almost falling off my shelf asking to be read, I had to move it back so it would not jump off the shelf.

Novels/Series I WISH they would make into a tv series or movie ~ “The Breeds” by Lora Leigh, these novels are sooo steamy and full of action, not to mention that they have a level of deapth that I would love to see these characters alive on tv; it would have to be on HBO because of the ‘naughty’ stuff, yet it would be worth it. If you have not picked up any of the novels in this series, I suggest starting with one of the less emotionally charged novels since a few of the middle ones “Dawn’s Awakening” and “Megan’s Mark” both had me in tears at one point, very emotionally charged; later novels were not as hard to read as far as emotionally charged goes.

“Love At the Stake” & “The Argeneau” series are both series I would love to see come alive as well; vampires are still very popular so they would be a bit, romance, suspense, and the novels can stand alone or be read as a series. Different takes on the growing popularity of vampires in a ‘modern’ ever changing world.

Here is one that a regular read of my blog will be surprised to see, I would LOVE to see Dana Delamar’s “Love and Honor” novels as a miniseries. Dana’s take on the Mafia in Italy is unique, as she takes her readers on a romantic adventure with Mafia twists and turns; with the success of the Sopranos a few years ago, I think Dana’s novels would be a great way to revive that and bring a level of romance to the Mafia and at the same time keep the ‘I won’t cross those guys’ factor intact.   




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