Book Review ~ “Retribution” by Dana Delamar

Title ~ “Retribution”

Author ~ Dana Delamar

Series ~ Blood & Honor

Format ~ eBook via Kindle

Rating ~ 4 1/2 Stars

Some novels do not live up to my expectations, especially ones that are in a series, this novel surpassed my expectations. Dana once again brings the world of the Italian Mafia to life, in this her followup novel to “Revenge”. The twists and turns in this novel were not only compelling and kept the story going at a great pace that it kept me reading and wanting more as the pages flew by. Unlike “Revenge” the first novel in this series, “Retribution” is not as violent and has an unique tone all it’s own, making it very much a stand alone novel as much as part of a series.  

Quick Recap ~ Nick Clarkson (Lucchesi) [the illegitimate son of Enrico Lucchesi the capo of the Lucchesi family] is thrown into a world that he knows very little about when he receives a letter telling hom who is father ‘is’. As far as Nick is concerned his father abandoned him and wants nothing to do with him; working for Interpol, Nick checks out his ‘father’ and comes up blank, taking a mysterious man up on his offer to learn about his father, Nick strikes a deal with the Andretti capo, his father’s rivals. Add in the beautiful Delfina Andretti, who wants to get out from under her father’s influence and not be thought of as a ‘mafia princess’. These two strangers navigate the fine line of love, honor, passion, trust and betrayal all the way to the end.

Unlike the previous novel, there is not as much violence, no one ends up getting something in the mail or via ‘special delivery’, well…… ‘Retribution’ is as full of passion and Nick and Delfina try to make her ‘first time’ memorable, only to be stopped and caught in compromising positions; I began to route for them each time they were alone and I thought they would finally make love, only to be interrupted by one thing or another; Dana keeps her reader waiting for that special moment between the characters, as they both deal with their families, work, what is expected and what they actually want, as well as the looming threat of the Russian Mafia seeking revenge  and wanting both families dead.

You are kept on the edge of your seat until the very last page, just like at the end of “Revenge”, “Retribution” has a teaser for the next novel that makes me excited to read the next novel. If you liked “Revenge” you will love “Retribution”; this is easily a stand alone novel; I’m just glad that there is more to come in this series.


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