Book Review ~ “Return of the Rose” by Theresa Ragan

Title ~ “Return of the Rose”

Author ~ Theresa Ragan

Format ~ eBook via Kindle

Rating ~ 5 Stars


**Disclaimer** I was loaned a copy of this novel from Tara at in exchange for helping lead a discussion group on this novel.



This book had me hooked from the start; it was the first time travel novel I have ever read (aside from “The Time Machine”) and it introduced me to a new subgenre of romance novels. I fell in love with the characters and the way the plot had many levels; I would stay up late reading and making notes, highlighting passages, etc.


Quick Recap ~ Morgan lives in the present with her ‘mother’ and she finds out who the Knight that is in her mother’s shop is, she feels drawn to him, her necklace gets caught on the armour and magically she is transported to 1444 where everyone thinks she is ‘Lady Amanda’ and has ran away from her betrothed, Derek. Morgan begins to fall in love with 1444.


Reading this novel brought me to tears on more than one occasion and it made me want to strangle Derek just as many times. The reader is put on an emotional rollercoaster and the only way to finish that ride is to finish the novel. The characters are realistic and you begin to feel for them early on; their struggles become almost something you want to help them with; I remember wanting to yell at Derek on a few occasions for how he was acting, yet, yelling at my phone is not ‘normal’ so I decided against that.


The second time I read it, I picked up on those ‘little things’ you miss the first time and it was more enjoyable the second time. Strong characters and a strong plot made this a great read. You can put yourself in ‘Lady Amanda’s’ [aka Morgan] shoes and you struggled right along with her as she attempted to make her way through a time where you felt comfortable and yet, didn’t completely understand why, yet at the same time, she was she wasn’t ‘from’ that time.


The layers of the novel might be lost on some, yet, I left it was a great read and worth sneaking in a few moments of reading at long lights. “Return of the Rose” is worth the read, actually the reread in my case. I can honestly say that I loved this novel.  


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