Book Review ~ “Accidentally… a Prostitute” by Sophie Newsome

Title ~Accidentally… a Prostitute

Author ~ Sophie Newsome

Series~ The Billionaire Diaries

Book # ~1

Format ~ebook via Kindle

Rating ~3 ½ stars


Short Recap ~ Katheryn suddenly finds herself fired and heading out of her place of employment with her friend, Donna on her way to drink away her bad luck, when fates opens a door, Drake Parkin’s limo to be exact.  Katheryn might have been mistaken for a prostitute, but her serendipitous fortune might lead her to a new career


This is a great quick read, one of those novels you can read while in the bath and the door is locked or when you only have short break and want to read something hot and spicy. I gave it 3 ½ stars because it was a quick read and their wasn’t much in the way of a big build up, you knew what was going to happen, but the sex scene lived up to what I expected for two strangers when money (a LOT of money) was involved.


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