Saturday Sneek Peak

I have been working on my own novel between canning, cleaning, reading, wrangling a toddler, and just basically being a mommy & wife, I thought I would give a short synopsis of what I am working on and see what kind of feedback I get here; please remember, I am writing this by HAND, so it’s on legal pads right now – 2 are full and working on a 3rd at the moment, once I get 5 of them done, I’ll start to type them, unless I am on a role, then it’s going to be longer, lol. Some nights with my husband’s head on my lap I would write for an hour while he relaxed after being gone all week.  

~~What would you do if you found a note in the back of your desk drawer?? Would you read it?? What if the person left you their number in case you wanted more information?? Can sexuality & sensuality co-exist??

Patrick finds a note from Rachel, 4 years AFTER she wrote it, in the desk he now occupies. After reading the note several times over a few weeks, he takes a chance and sends Rachel a text hoping that she might respond. They end up having coffee that same night and circumstances that originally drew Patrick to this ‘bonnie lass’ , bring emotions to the surface that Rachel wasn’t prepared for. Throw in Rachel’s protective father (a retired Marine), a stalker and Patrick’s own secrets. Passion isn’t a guarantee as Rachel has a secret she hasn’t told Patrick, one that might push him away…. ~~

Anyone interested so far????

I am still working on the plot and names [I have chosen all of them for specific reasons and a few I am playing with], so please bear with me. I hope I got at least a few people interested. Some of my personal views, political & otherwise, come out in this and Rachel takes on some of my strengths and weaknesses. The story takes place near Lake Tahoe, in both California & Nevada, some of the places are based on actual places I went with my husband on our honeymoon, the rest is from my own imagination.   


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