Sorry No Posts Last Week

Sorry there is no post last week I had a very busy last week. Our well pump went out on Thursday before last and we cannot have anybody come out and fix it until that Friday and Saturday we spent the entire day working on our chicken coop and the same thing with last week after more than 40 hours of working my five Leghorn chickens are now enjoying their 16 x 8 x 7′ chicken run and coop that my husband and I spent hours and hours working on. Needless to say I did not get much reading done that week throw on top of all of the working on the chicken coop and the well pump going out I ended up with sun poisoning after being out in the sun so I was not a happy camper last week.

This week you can expect an interview and a free e-book giveaway. I am very excited about this it will be my first blog giveaway so please stay tuned I will let everyone know when and how the winners will be chosen please; spread the word. The more people we have check out this blog the more giveaways I will be able to do in the future.

Manic Monday will be coming up in a few hours so please stay tuned and other blog posts will be coming this week; it maybe a slow week but it will be an exciting week that’s for sure.

Happy reading


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