9/11 Tribute

For those who have read my ‘About Me” page on here you know I keep the ‘political’ stuff to a minimum whenever possible, today’s 9/11 Tribute is not political, it’s Patriotic. On 9/11/01, a group of COWARDS/BARBARIANS attacked the USA and killed our friends, family, strangers, men, women, children, babies. I want to share a few pictures I found, they are powerful, I am not going to post the ones that bring me to tears right now, maybe later.

Please take a few moments to reflect on what this day means to Americans, I know I have a few regular blog visitors from Canada and overseas, this is an important day of Remembrance for ALL Americans ~ Male or Female, Black or White or Mexican or Asian, Liberal or Conservative, whatever you are, even if you believe in a Higher Power or God or not; this is a day to put aside all our “stuff” and reflect on the important things in life, family, friends, love, heroes, innocents.

God Bless,



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  1. Brad
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 14:19:11

    Those we hold in our arms for a little while,
    we hold in our hears for ever.
    We will NEVER forget.
    God Bless.


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