Book Review ~ “Let Them eat Cake” by Ravyn Wilde

Title ~Let Them Eat Cake

Author ~ Ravyn Wilde

Series~ Vampire Sentinel

Book # ~1

Format ~ebook via Kobo

Rating ~3 ½ Stars


Short Recap ~ Marie Antoinette has seen it all. Lived it all. Now happy with her life, she has nevertheless earned the shadows in her eyes. As leader of the Vampyr Council, she has plenty to do. Her two human servants, Brian and Matt, meet her basic needs, even when they irritate her. Every need except one-she hasn’t had sex in decades. Then something evil moves into her region, preying on humans and immortals alike. In her search for help, an old human friend introduces Maria to his son. Justin’s life hasn’t been easy and he’s not looking for a long-term relationship. His final military assignment took all the life out of him. His father has the perfect solution-introduce him to the only person he knows with that same faraway look in her eyes. Intrigued with Maria, Justin is amazed to find this very older woman is his perfect match. As it turns out, he can’t live without her-literally. Throw in an old boyfriend with a chip on his shoulder, a monster they can’t kill and a few rogue werewolves and, well, life has never been so complicated. Or exciting.

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I honestly did not know what to think when I first began to read this novel; it was a bit ‘out there.’ It was not what I was expecting when I first start reading, yet it grew on me. It was fun for a quick read; it was shorter than most other novels I normally read, so it was a great change of pace. Imagining Marie Antoinette as a vampire was intriguing. I love vampire novels, yet this one was not what I was expecting, it was closer to erotica than I though tit would be, yet coming from Ellora’s Cave, I knew it would be HOT and it was.


This is deinately not your typical vampire or historical erotical novel, worth the read. I don’t know if I will read it again or any more in the series.




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