Popular Books I Won’t Be Reading

There are some novels or series that you will NOT catch me reviewing or reading, included in this is the “Hunger Games”, “Twilight Series” & “50 Shades” novels.  Despite their popularity, they are not going to make their way to this blog nor to my reading repertoire. Before I get some of my readers up in an uproar, let me give an explanation for each as to why. If anyone has a compelling argument as to why I should change my mind, I will listen, it might not change my mind, but you never know.  


Hunger Games ~ Very simply put, the premises disgusts me. Children, all bet 16 & 17yr olds, they are still children who are made to kill each other. No thank you. I find that deplorable. My 12 year old has read them, at school, he liked them and when we discussed them, he said he understood why I was not a ‘fan’ of them, I guess they have AR value, so that’s fine, yet, I won’t be reading them and I told him I don’t want him to read them in the house.


Twilight Series ~ Too teenybopper for me; I prefer my vamipre novels ‘adult’ or at least relatable in some way, even though they are fiction. I looked on several review sites and a lot of the ‘reviews’ if you can call them that, were written by ‘teenyboppers’ and they were saying how other vampire novels, ie “Sookie Stackhouse” novels are ‘rip-offs’ of the Twilight novels. I got a GREAT laugh at that, especially when myself and some other ‘adults’ pointed out that ALL vampire novels came AFTER “Dracula”, so the “Twilight” novels are just a ‘rip-off’ of the great novel by Bram Stoker, throw in that the ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ novels came BEFORE the “Twilight’ novels, they are misguided. Some of us ‘old people’ remember vampire tv shows ie ‘Forever Knight’, ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘Kindred the Embraced’ yummmmy favs. 😉   


50 Shades ~ BeenThereDoneThat. I won’t go into much on this, why should I read about something when the people who are reading those novels would never live what’s in them. Some things are better experienced and lived than read about. I have friends and family members who have read them and they rave about them, that’s all fine; I won’t be joining the throngs of people reading them. In recent months, I have heard of people who have gotten in way over their heads and done things that they had no training or business doing. Even with a possible movie coming out in the future, I’m going to let everyone else follow the crowd.


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