Today is ELECTION DAY!!!




So get off your computer, phone or tablet and get out there and VOTE!!!!


I have voted in EVERY election since I turned 18, way back in 1998 (sorry to date myself or some of my adoring friends and followers). I take time to read up on every Proposition, Person, Position, etc. I was told to educate myself since some are not always what they appear to be.


I live in a ‘absentee ballot only area’ in other words, there are NO polling places so we are automatically ‘absentee’ voters; that’s fine, I miss the camaraderie of going to a polling place, giving my name and address (having to respell my last name, lol) and showing my ID, then getting my ballot. Knowing that the next morning my vote counted; that I was part of a process that was hundreds of years old. It may not be perfect and we may not all disagree, yet, it’s what we have and may others around the world do not have such a privilege.




Today, November 6th, 2012 you will head to the polls or like me already submitted your vote days ago J and cast your vote for various propositions, ballot measures, president, representatives, etc. Remember that you are part of a larger process. I won’t say that you are ‘democracy in action’ because, we do NOT live in a democracy, we live in a ‘Representative Republic’; we vote for others will (should) vote with our best interests in mind and in heart, if they don’t we try to vote them out and get someone else in who WILL vote with us in mind and not with their own agenda.


I remember my mother taking me with her whenever possible when she voted and telling me how important it was for her to vote. Then when I went the first time, I remember her going with me and watching me go through the ‘process’. I got a ‘first time voter’ sticker and I thought it was kinda funny, yet, the rest of the day my patients (I was a vision therapist) smiled and so did others when they saw it. I was proud and I still am to be part of the [active] voting public. Since that day, I have taken my boys with me whenever possible, even when I was pregnant ready to ‘pop’ or when I had morning sickness. It was THAT important to me that I vote.


So please, take 15mins out of your day to vote.




Remember, if you do not vote, you don’t have the right to Whine, Bitch, Complain, Grumble, Argue with the results or just be Unpleasant, because you did NOT vote.


Every vote DOES count.




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