Every Author Has Someone Like Me

Every author has someone like me; someone that makes them laugh, cry, the reader/friend who makes their life just, well, interesting. Someone who is there to share life sorrows, joys, struggles, the good and the bad; things that they would not share with the common or casual reader. Someone who might have started out as a casual author/reader relationship then turn into something more.

If you know the authors on my list here that you’ve probably read about a few of them who fall this category for me, has I probably do for them. We have become more than just a reader and an author, but we have become actual friends. I’m going to share one of those authors today; one who has stuck it out with me and my family through some of the hardest times we have ever had, and who at times and just let me cry and vent and just let me know I was not alone. She has seen pictures of my boys, and has seen a different side of me and know more about me then even some of my closest friends and family. If you have read past blog posts and comments you will have an idea who the woman I’m talking about is….

Dana Delamar.

Dana and I happen to be opposites in some ways, mostly politically, so we refrain from talking about politics. In many other aspects we are true friends and are on the same wavelength. If you’ve ever seen Dana’s page on goodreads, you will see some of the teasing and lightheartedness that goes on, on a semi regular basis. We have shared things about our significant others, that have made me laugh out loud, and shake my head at other times. Dana has seen me at my best and she’s see me at the worst over the past year. There are things that we have shared that few others would understand, and yet through it all she and I are still friends.

We encourage each other when it comes to writing, and I do tease her, and get on her about writing her third book in the “Blood and Honor” series done so I can read the beta version.

What started off as an author requesting a book review for her first novel “Revenge”, turned into me actually campaigning for Dana and having others read her novel and doing reviews for them as well. Those few emails asking other people and posts turned into a friendship with Dana and that was completely and expected. It is one of those things in life that are unexpected and at the same time they have an outcome that has been life-changing in some ways.

For that serendipitous moment in time when I came across Dana’s post asking for a book review, I will always be grateful to God that I was at the right place at the right moment, and was able to meet Dana and over the past year get to know wonderful woman, and author, who is actually becoming very big part of my life and who despite all of my, idiosyncrasies and things, she is still a constant part of my life and has become a very great friend one who I know I will stay friends with for years to come.


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  1. danadelamar
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 16:50:04

    Aww, Stephanie, you’re going to make me cry! Yes, that was a pretty amazing stroke of luck when we met on Goodreads. You’ve really encouraged me as a new writer to keep going and helped give me faith that I have a series that people will enjoy. And I’ve been honored that you’ve entrusted me with your friendship. I can’t wait to read *your* books someday! 🙂


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