ARR Book Review ~ “Devil’s Shore”

Title: Devil’s Shore
Author: Bernadette Walsh
Book: 2
Series: Devlin’s Legacy
Format: eBook via PDF – Adobe
Rating: 4Stars

** Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

Short Recap (courtesy of goodreads) ~ Take heed. The most powerful Devlin witch in generations has come into her own.

Orla has left Ireland, and the sinister shadow of Devlin’s Mountain, behind. In the States, she’s just another ordinary housewife and mother. That is, until destiny and Simon Gardiner find her. Compelled to tease the male witch, she wants to abuse him and hurt him. He’s surly, dangerous, and sexy…everything her husband is not. She must show Simon she’s not her meek, subservient mother who’s slave to Slanaitheoir, the Mountain’s demon.
Orla can no longer deny the power coursing through her veins. Nor can she deny the powerful attraction she feels for Simon. Can she best him in this battle of wills and magic, or like Slanaitheoir has for generations of Devlin witches, will he take everything she cherishes from her?

Content Warning: Seduction, erotic sex and a witch who will enchant you.

This novel been very greatly from the previous one as it was done in first person and did not jump around between two different characters. Entire novel was from the point of view of Orla Mary’s daughter.

In the last novel I didn’t really know what to think of Orla, in this novel I learned how strong of a character she really was and her determination to hide and run from her family and her legacy. With a well-written short novel and delightful characters, and enough seduction that I was kept up reading late.

The “Devil’s Shore” was a wonderful short novel with the right amount of eroticism woven into a well-developed novella. You begin to feel for Orla as she faces her demons from her past and her legacy. You also see inner strength and her which you didn’t see in previous novel as she was a minor character.

In this novel Orla comes in her on and her through her strength you see her break free of the “curse” of the Devlin women and in that she find her on strength.

Bernadette did a fantastic job on this novel and how she kept the reader and gaged and kept the plot and story moving at a quick pace it was not overwhelming. In the end Orla finds herself her past and her future I’ll eloquently woven together with a brighter future for her and I’ll be there Devlin witches/women.

The antagonists in this novel varied greatly from the past novel yet at the same time they were intriguing and you almost felt sorry for them. Being that antagonists, that they were they have their faults and they also have their good points. They made Orla a stronger woman in the end and helped her to see who she really was and what her future and her legacy would be.

I’m excited to read the third novel once Burnadette finishes with her editing so please stay tuned for that novel review in the coming weeks. Also I am hoping to get an interview with this wonderful woman so we can all get some better insight into her and what makes her tick.


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  1. Bernadette Walsh
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 03:08:15

    Thank you for the wonderful review and I’d be happy to do an interview anytime


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