Holiday Questions ~ Brenda Haven

1. Favorite Christmas song: Wizards In Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Favorite Christmas movie: A Christmas Carol (any and all versions and variations of the movie)

2. Favorite family tradition: going to Christmas eve church service

3. Favorite holiday food: meringue coated cinnamon nuts. Time consuming to make but oh so worth it! I make them the best!

4. I’m more like Dasher because I’m always dashing around at the last minute trying to get everything done.

5. Yes I do decorate. It’s a mix of both. I love nativity scenes and have a nice collection. I have 8 Christmas trees that range in height from 4 1/2 feet tall to 12 feet tall. I love to decorate!

6. I usually end up reading novels with a Christmas theme around the holiday season. When the kids were little, we read the classic stories but since they are older, we don’t really do that anymore. We do have the book “The Night Before Christmas-in Texas, That Is” which is a really fun take on the traditional story. We had it when I was little so it is a fun memory to have from my childhood.

7. Egg Nog, turkey, a mix of religious and secular, Santa of course!, hot cider

8. Favorite part of the season: everything leading up to and including Christmas day: decorating, shopping, entire family together on Christmas day, the neighborhood light displays and driving around looking at them, Christmas eve services, delivering donuts on Christmas morning to area fire stations to honor the people who have to work on the holiday.
Least favorite part of the season: taking down and putting away all of the decorations. It is such a downer!

9. Let it snow

10. Favorite Christmas childhood memory: laying under my parents’ silver aluminum Christmas tree in the dark and watching the different colors from the color wheel reflect on the tree. Also, going each year to have our picture taken with Santa Claus.

11. When I was little, it was go to bed early and get up early to see what Santa brought. Now that I am older and a parent, it is stay up late to finish wrapping presents and do the stockings and then get up early to start Christmas dinner and watch the kids open presents! The best of both choices!

12. My holiday wish is for positive outcomes for some health issues that a few of my friends are experiencing, and for continuing good health for my other friends and family members. Also, a happy and prosperous 2013 for everyone I know and love.


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