Holiday Questions ~Christine Nolfi

Favorite Holiday Song & Movie

Nat King Cole, The Christmas Song; It’s a Wonderful Life (movie)

2. Favorite Holiday Family Tradition?

Cooking a huge feast for my family—of course!

3. Favorite Holiday Food? What makes it the best?

A big, buttery turkey with stuffing. It’s the best because I make the stuffing from scratch.

4. Which of Santa’s Reindeer best describes you? Why?

Comet—because I never stop moving.

5. Do you decorate your house or office for the holidays? With religious or secular decorations? Or both?

Both. I have a display with Baby Jesus and angels everywhere—but Santa Claus and other secular decorations add to the mix. And the Christmas tree, glittering with ornaments, is twelve feet tall.

6. Favorite Holiday Book(s) / Reading?

I read the Bible throughout the year; even more so during the holiday season. When my children were young, we also read all of the holiday classic children’s stories.

7. Hot chocolate. Turkey. Religious and secular. Hot Toddy!

8. What is your favorite part of the holiday season? Least favorite?

Oh, I love all the shared family time and enjoying a great meal together. But I wish someone else would hand wash all the crystal and china!

9. Let it snow or holiday in the sun?

It used to be “let it snow”—I raised my four children in northeast Ohio. Now that I’ve moved to Charleston, South Carolina it’s “Christmas at the beach.”

10. Favorite Childhood Holiday Memory?
Lying in bed hoping to hear Santa’s sleigh as it clattered onto the roof!

11. Stay up late and wait for Santa or Bed early & get up early to see what Santa brought?

I’m usually the last one to bed because there’s some gift I’ve forgotten to wrap.

12. What is your holiday wish?

Peace on earth, goodwill to men.


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