Holiday Questions ~ Dana Delamar (repost)

This is a repost with an added bonus…. Dana has been busy with writing, her blog hop and other holiday festivities, that she forgot about her post here. So, I’m reposting her holiday question answers and she is going to giveaway 3 copies if her novel “Revenge” as an early Christmas gift. Just leave a comment under today’s post and 3 lucky commenters will get a copy.

1. Favorite Holiday Song & Movie

“Jingle Bells” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

2. Favorite Holiday Family Tradition

Opening the presents and having a big family dinner on Christmas Eve. I also love decorating the tree!

3. Favorite Holiday Food? Who makes it BEST?

Pumpkin pie. My friend Tommy made an awesome one last year from a Paula Deen recipe. Scrumptious!

4. Which of Santa’s reindeers describes you?

Vixen. Definitely! 😉

5. Do you decorate your home or office for the holidays? Religious or Secular? A mix of both?

I decorate my home. My decorations are mostly secular–I tend to like weird Christmas decorations, like raccoons, snails, hedgehogs, guinea pigs with Santa hats, that kind of thing. My tree is a little odd to behold, but I don’t have anything on it that’s not a real Christmas decoration that I bought in a store! I also like to buy Christmas decorations when I travel, so I have something special to remember my trips. I’ve got decorations from several countries (including Italy, of course!) on my tree.

6. Favorite Holiday Book(s)/reading

“A Christmas in Wales” by Dylan Thomas. I get together with friends every year and we read it and have a big potluck.

7. This or That ~ Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog? Turkey or Ham? Religious or Secular? Santa or Frosty? Hot Toddy or Hot Cider?

Hot chocolate AND egg nog! Ham! Secular. Santa! Hot toddy if I’m not driving, hot cider if I am!

8. What is your favorite part of the holiday season? Least Favorite Part?

Favorite part is watching the kids unwrap their gifts and having dinner with everyone. Least favorite: Taking down the Christmas tree!

9. Let it Snow or Holiday in the Sun?

It doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow. That said, if someone offered me an all-expenses-paid vacation somewhere nice and hot, I wouldn’t turn it down!

10. Favorite Childhood Holiday Memory?

Well, this isn’t a Christmas memory, but one year my dad got some snow and made bunny pawprints on the living room carpet at Easter and told us the Easter Bunny had just left our baskets. I’m sure my eyes were the size of saucers when I saw them. He had me convinced for years!

11. Stay up late and Wait for Santa or Bed Early?

Stay up late!

12. What is your Holiday wish??

A happy, healthy, and prosperous new year for everyone I know.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dana Delamar
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 15:25:01

    Thanks for having me on the blog today, Stephanie! 🙂 I hope everyone is finished with their holiday shopping. I’m having a bunch of folks over tomorrow, so I’m in a cleaning and gift-wrapping frenzy! But it’ll all be worth it.


  2. Theresa Esterline (@T_Esterline)
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 15:26:24

    Wishing Dana and Steph a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.


  3. Mama Meme
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 16:12:13

    One year we went all out at the office and each of us decorated our offices. I chose a winter theme (duh.) I hung scads of white, glittery snowflakes from hooks in my ceiling. I piled up puffs of white tulle netting and layered white, twinkle lights under it and it looked like piles of snow with diamonds sparkling through. I also put a small Christmas village on my backbar.
    After Christmas, I left the snowflakes up.


  4. stephsbookretreat
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 12:37:39

    No snow around here. Maybe frost or fog. Lol. I don’t do “cold”, that’s why I live in the Central Valley.

    Pleasure as always having Dana on my blog.


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