New Reads for January 2013


For 2013, I’m trying something new. For the entire month of January, I will only be reading books by authors that I have not read before.

This does include authors who have sent me a ARR requests, I’ve agreed to read yet have not been able to read thus far due to the holidays. I will also be reading novels from authors that I picked up the bookstores, been given, and any other books that are in my TBR stacks around the house.

The only novels I will be doing that are ARR will be on my phone or on my Nook. Everything else will be paperbacks and possibly hardcover if I can find any.

I am setting up for the next few months including February, which will ONLY feature romance novels.

Currently, I am working on the calendar for the next year so that authors may submit their novels for a particular genre (title, location… depending on what I come up with) for that month.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year’s; I look forward to getting back into the swing of things as soon as possible and getting plenty of book reviews posted this month.

Author interviews are coming up this month as well as book reviews for the books that I read over the holidays. I have been in touch with a few authors over the holidays and I’m excited to introduce you to them in this new year.




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