Book Review ~ “The Proper Lover” by Eileen Wilks

All I Want For Christmas Cover

Title ~ ‘The Proper Lover’

From ‘All I Want For Christmas’

Author ~ Eileen Wilks

Format ~Paperback

Rating ~4 Stars


Short Recap ~ Emily doesn’t want to get married; not to anyone. Ever. She devises a plan in which to get ‘ruined.’ Emily & James met by accident in an orchard; one kiss and she was gone.


After having enough of her Uncle Rupert & Aunt Dorothea’s tyrannical rules and abuse, Emily sneaks out of the house, through the orchard and into James’s bedroom, sufficiently sobering him up.



I loved this short story.  The characters were realistic and funny.  I felt for Emily as she tried to persuade James to ‘ruin’ her and her reasons for wanting that.  The way that fate kept conspiring against them from one moment and encouraging them the next, not only made the story enjoyable but helped to keep it moving forward at a brisk pace.  This story had the right balance of passion, humour, serendipity and Christmas Spirit.


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