Book Review ~ “My Lord Immortality” by Alexandra Ivy

MY Lord Immortality Cover

Title ~ “My Lord Immortality”

Author ~ Alexandra Ivy

(Previously released under author name ‘Debbie Raleigh’)

Series~ Immortal Rogues

Book # ~3

Format ~Paperback

Rating ~3 Stars


Short Recap ~ Despite her impeccable lineage and delicate beauty, Amelia Hadwell has no interest in social demands – not when she must care for her brother William, whose otherworldly manner has convinced their family he is mad. Determined to care for him, Amelia is horrified to learn that he has been escaping to the East End, where a shocking series of murders has terrorized the neighborhood – and that her neighbor, Drake Ramone, is convinced William is the culprit! Desperate to safeguard her brother, Amelia accepts the offer of a hiding place from Sebastian St. Ives, a reclusive scholar to whom William has taken a liking. Drawn to the reserved, silver eyed stranger, she is amazed when he reveals the unsettling reason for Drake’s interest in William – and the danger an amulet in Amelia’s possession represents. Yet nothing is as shattering as the realization that although Sebastian belongs to a world she cannot imagine, she has surrendered her heart to him with just one kiss…

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I really tried to get into this book. I thought it was more modern based on the back and the cover (NOT the cover that appears above, I will have to update and scan the one I have), so I was taken aback from the beginning. The plot was fine, yet, I think I needed to have read the previous novels to get a better feel for this one.


While the chemistry between Amelia and Sebastian was well developed and Amelia’s love for her brother, William, shines through, I thought that as a newcomer to this series, I was left out in some ways. The story didn’t flow comfortably for me in some places and in others I felt I was reading ‘filler’. Sorry this is not a long review, I wasn’t really that impressed with it. It gets a 3 (weak 3), since I did enjoy the twists and how it ended as well as the compassion that the scholarly vampire, Sebastian shows to Amelia’s brother and his ‘condition’.


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