Vampires on the Brain

Ok, before I really begin, I want to point out that I blame my MOTHER for introducing me to vampires when I was a small child.  I knew who Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Bella Lagosi, Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney Jr, Charlie Chaplin, George Reeves were at a young age; I saw “Nosferatu” with Max Schreck when I was little, so I KNOW vampires or at least been exposed to them for as long as I can remember. It was all HER fault, so I firmly place the blame on her for me liking vampires and for having such strong opinions on them and for playing favorites so to speak.

 Scarry Vampire

With that over, I can move onto the ‘meat’ of today’s post.  Like the title for today’s post says, I have ‘Vampires on the Brain”; I can’t imagine why?!?!  I mean, I am currently reading “Kiss of Surrender” by Sandra Hill and next to that is “ Immortal Ever After” by Lynsay Sands (newest Argeneau novel), so their might be a slight reason for me to be thinking about vampires tonight.  When you are reading about Viking Vampire Angels and trying to finish up that one, so you can dive into ‘Immortals’ (aka vampires, but do NOT call them that) from Atlantis and haven’t been able to get your hands on an anthology, you too would have vampires biting around in your head as well.  Lets also throw in that when I ran to the store I saw a big promo for ‘Breaking Dawn” from the Twilight saga (no, I will NOT be watching that, or reading those novels, so don’t ask, nor will I be watching those movies, vampires are NOT ‘sparkly’). Vampires are EVERYWHERE!!!!


If you ever had the opportunity to look in my closet, besides my ‘weird’ organization of clothes (weird according to my husband), you would see almost two full shelves that take up 2 sides to my closet on the top of books; I keep my favorites close by for when I want something to read and I don’t want to go very far, also my latest paperbacks end up there so they are not forgotten.  The vampire series you will find include the Sookie Stackhouse novels (all 12 of them, #13 comes out soon), the Love at the Stake series, the Argeneau series (only the first one is missing, on loan to my mother in law), a few vampire novels from Katie MacAlister and the occasional rogue vampire novel I picked up or was given by a friend.

 Bill, Sookie, Eric, clothed

For me, vampires are NOT sparkly; they have a dark side to them, one of mystery, intrigue, an aura about them that draws you in while at the same time warning you about danger; the kind of feeling you get when you know you are being watched, the feeling that you get when you walk alone at night and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you start to take more notice of your surroundings.  THAT is the kind of feeling that I associate with vampires. The creatures of the night. The ones that bring fear to your soul as much as they make you lust for the and after them.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I prefer vampire novels with a good dose of romance and intrigue.  What hot blooded lady doesn’t dream of a man who can bring her to her knees with a look and one who kisses or nibbles on her neck (my hubby does this and he can attest that THIS lady goes weak in the knees and yes, ‘swoons’ – don’t be jealous); I’ve had dreams of a few (ok, more than a few), dreams that involve some very attractive men of the vampire persuasion.  There IS a reason, I try to finish vampire novels right before bed 😉


Since I was indoctrinated into knowing about vampires from a young age, I watched not only those old movies but I am also old enough to remember watching “Kindred the Embraced” and “Forever Knight”, both of which I try to watch whenever I can find them; they bring back from great memories and also get my mind going and get me seeking out my next vampire series to read.  They also get me reaching for one of my favorite [vampire] novels.   

 Kindred the Embraced

So the next time I am in a ‘vampire’ mood, I know what I will be reaching for, either one of my favorite authors or one of the new favorites I am finding just strolling down my local book isle in a chain store (no actual ‘bookstores’ for about 50 miles in any direction, except for used).


What will you be reaching for when you get that craving for something that goes ‘bite in the night’????


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  1. Cynthia
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 05:50:00

    Like you, I was exposed to vampires at a young age. I don’t ever remember NOT knowing about them. I remember being 5 or 6 and always pulling the blankets up at night to cover my neck because I was afraid one would come through the window to get me.

    I absolutely love vampires in general–meaning I love all forms of them, including the sparkly ones (please don’t stone me! lol) –but nothing beats a good scary vamp! After all, that is the way they are suppose to be.

    I haven’t been reading a lot of vamp books lately, but I did get The Hunger by Whitley Strieber in the mail yesterday. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get around to reading it though.


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