Book Review ~ “Just One Drop” by Linda Hays-Gibbs

Just One Drop cover

Title ~ Just One Drop

Author ~ Linda Hays-Gibbs

Format ~ebook via Kindle

Rating ~5 Stars


Short Recap ~ This is the story of a Roman soldier that helps with the crucifixion of Jesus. He finds that one drop of Jesus’ blood drops on his hand as he is nailing Jesus to the cross. He tries to get rid of it but it will not let him go. Find out what happens to the harsh soldier after just one drop of the blood of Jesus touches him. (recap courtesy of )


 ***DISCLAIMER*** Linda mentioned on google+ that she was upset that this novel did not receive the reviews she expected, well, in my opinion, the wrong people read it. It’s the kind of story that can put some people off. Thank you to Linda for taking a chance and writing this and for sharing it with me.



Few stories bring me to tears or make me want to share as much as this one did. In a dramatic and new view of the crucifixion of Jesus, this one comes from a different point of view that I have never seen before. Claudius Brutus Peccatoris is one of the Romans who nailed Jesus to the cross and that moment in time changed his whole life; after reading this, I can say it changed mine.


The way that Linda describes this soldier’s change of heart and soul, brought me to tears.


I was raised in a Christian household; I know the story of Jesus’ life, his crucifixion, and cheating death to rise from the dead. I always remember wanting to know what the soldiers who were doing that were thinking and feeling, if at all. Where they just following orders? Did they care? Did that moment in time change them or affect them? Well, in a round about way, Linda answered some of those questions, even if it is fictionalized.


After reading this short story, a reader will either be questioning their own beliefs, shaking their head at the cruelty of people, deepen their belief and love of Christ or they might be stoic and not feel anything. I was moved by this story; despite it’s short length, a LOT of emotion, and heart is packed into a small package.


Of all the stories I have read, this will be one I know I will be sharing and have already.


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