Happy 4th Birthday to my youngest

Today my youngest turns the BIG 4!!!!

He is my miracle baby.  Several years ago, I was told I would not be able to have any more children, 2 years later my munchkin was on his way. God was a sense of humour and definitely knows more than doctors. :~)

To say he has made life interesting is an understatement.  Munchkin keeps me on my toes and is constantly teaching me the importance of being patient.

4years ago tonight, he made his way into this world, a few days late, but perfect.  At 9lbs, he was a big boy and already surprising us. 

Tonight we are taking him to run off some of his extra energy and mommy is making him a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, that’s what he asked for, that’s what mommy is going to make.

I love my miniman, even though he drives me crazy at times.

Happy Birthday Sweet P!!!!!


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