ARR ~ “Scorned” by Pamela Ann


Title ~ “Scorned”

Author ~ Pamela Ann

Series~ Torn #4

Format ~ebook via PDF

Rating ~5 Stars

**DISCLAIMER** A copy was provided to me in return for an honest review and as part of a promo tour for ‘Scorned’

Short Recap ~Brody was determined to win her heart again.

Dimitris was hell-bent on getting her back.

Will she choose one or none?

Fiesty, vindictive and sharp-tongued, Lindsey Mason was always in love with her brother’s best friend, Brody. For years, she watched as he went through the women around her—but never her.

When Lindsey started dating another guy, Brody suddenly started to notice her. But Lindsey wouldn’t have it. She was determined to move past her unrequited love.

Her fate changed when she met the wealthy Greek actor, Dimitris Kosta. The playboy Greek McHottie was everything Lindsey wanted and hated. She was swept away in a whirlwind summer romance in the islands of Greece.

Could her damaged heart finally learn to trust again? (recap courtesy of

When it’s 110 outside, I would not normally suggest anything hot, I am very much going to make an exception this time. This novel falls more into the ‘erotica’ category than ‘romance’ or even ‘steamy’ romance due to some of the scenes in the novel, but that is fine with me. With erotica novels sometimes that’s all that a reader sees, in ‘Scorned’ Pamela, finds the delicate balance behind erotic scenes that help to move the storyline along and ‘naughty scenes’ for ‘naughty scene’ sake.

The well developed characters lead such larger than life lives, yet the reader finds their faults and qualities comforting in some ways as you watch the battle between what Lindsey thinks she wants and what her heart and soul truly desire. Is it her long time love, Brody? or her ‘Husband’ Dimitri?!

I loved the complex interactions between the characters, especially ‘Dimi’ and Lindsey, I will say this, a few of their ‘naughty scenes’ had me reaching for a glass of ice water to cool myself off; the passion that they share is off the charts, the reader is drawn into their battles and their lovemaking, while at the same time, at a safe distance when things start flying, lol.

Well written plot twists and turns keep this novel from being all about the ‘sex’ and about the passion (or lack there of in some cases) to the emotions and hidden desires and feelings that the characters experience and their lives and how everything finds a natural balance.

If you are not a fan of a erotica, then I don’t suggest you try this series or novel on for size, however, if you love passion to the umpteenth degree and don’t mind headstrong and sometimes frustrating (in a good way) characters, dive into this series.

I am anxious to see what Pamela has in store for us next.


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