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WELCOME everyone to my hop on this wonderful Blog Hop Stop for Judith Leger and her amazing novella, “Enchanted”. I am going to change up the format for day’s book review, so please hang with me.

Short Recap ~ She knows how to unravel secrets, but getting to the bottom of this one might just kill her.

Magic is for fools, television news reporter Caitlyn believes. And she’s no fool. She’s determined to prove master illusionist Shay a fake. Somehow though, with Shay the lines between magic and reality blur. Perhaps it’s his charisma, or being in Ireland with him, but now she’s dreaming of a magical place. One that seems oddly familiar…

Shay hides a terrible secret. He’s to blame for Caitlyn’s separation from her family and the world she doesn’t remember. She must go home to the Sidhe, and to recover his honor, he must be the one to bring her. He’ll willingly lose everything he is to help her break the curse binding her. But time is of the essence–the old evil has surfaced. He must make Caitlyn believe in magic, and his love, before she becomes its prey. (courtesy of

When I first dove into ‘Enchanted’ I was enchanted by the realism of the characters and how likeable they were. where fantasy and love and mystery combine to make this delightful tale. The very first few lines had my attention starting with, “Caitlyn. Two weeks until her birthday. Two weeks until her death.” I started reading this, two weeks before MY birthday, so imagine the irony. That little tidbit put me in Caitlyn’s shoes, unintentionally, yet, it made the story a bit more personal for me.

Judith has a special talent for engaging her reader in a world of fantasy that is still based in realism as her characters leap off the pages and into your heart and endear them to you. The world of magic graces the reader as you fall into the story. Judith loves to use curses in her writing and ‘Enchanted’ is no exception, once again she hits it out of the park with this novel.

As a reader, I believe in a certain level of ‘magic’; I know it exists to some extent, this novel brings that ‘magic’ and illusion to a new place.


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  1. Judith Leger
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 12:07:45

    Thanks Steph! You brightened my day!

    Hugs and happy birthday to your son.


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