Happy 13th Birthday to my Son!!

This post goes live at his actual birth time. I am staying up late to start him a page on facebook since you have to be 13 to have one, thought it would be a great surprise. (I can live on caffeine tomorrow)


My oldest son has been a joy to me in more ways than I will ever be able to express. We have gone through a LOT together. I was a single mom for several years and as he got older, he saw me dating and finally fall in love with the man he calls ‘dad’; and in the next year, he will be adopted by that man.

Despite being a pain in the butt like all kids his age, my son takes on a LOT of responsibilities with his ‘dad’ working away from home the last few years; he helps me out by killing ‘things’ and by giving me a break when his little brother makes me want to pull my hair out, he even does other little things I never think about. He is my oldest and still my baby.

I sneak into his room some nights and watch him sleep. One foot dangling off the bed, covers all twisted around him, hair all messed up. 13… WOW. How did I ever get to have a son this old. A TEENAGER!!! He eats like one, I know its only going to get worse from now on, heaven help me, lol.


Happy 13th Birthday Big Guy, I love you very much!!!

Love Mom



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