ARR~ “Compliments of a Dying Man” by Amy Bol


Title ~ “Compliments of a Dying Man”

Author ~ Amy Bol

Format ~ebook via pdf

Rating ~5 Stars

**DISCLAIMER** A copy was provided to me in return for an honest review

You would think that loving a dying person would be difficult. On the contrary, it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done; far easier than building the world’s largest awareness ribbon in his memory, or explaining to two little girls that their father was dying, and definitely easier than learning to accept that I would ever love another man after he was gone. Oh sure, there were tears. But, he made me laugh in a dreary hospital room. He made me laugh while his heart was being shocked on a table in the ER, while being tricked into eating (by me), and even now as I think about the memory of him which remains, I laugh. The man gave me no other option. He complemented our lives with laughter, and so does his memory. (recap courtesy of

When this novella arrived in my inbox from Amy, I was hesitant to read it; I prefer happy stories, I like to laugh and smile, 14 pages in and I was almost in tears, yet, as I read Amy’s true story, I felt the love she had/has for her late husband and how strong she became as she faced her husband’s death and her love for her girls.

Amy puts herself out there and lets the reader judge her and see her at her most vulnerable and her most raw; you cannot help but to love her and see her strength. This is NOT a sad story, it is anything but, and you just have to get past the sorrow of what was a reality, and see how Amy and her girls came out on the other side of that grief and were stronger for what they went through.

On a very personal note; Amy and I met through a friend of her’s, they mentioned someone was looking for some promotion and a blog hop stop, I volunteered and Amy was kind enough to grant me an interview, which I hope you check out, (August 14th, 2013), since then, Amy has not been able to get rid of me, hehehehe. I consider her a great friend and by sharing this story with me and with others, she shows just how strong she is and how much she loved her husband.

Take a chance and pick this up, it’s a wonderful afternoon read and you will be more than happy you did. Just keep tissues near by, for the sad times and for the happy times that will have you laughing out loud.


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