Romance Author ~ Rosanna Leo

1. If you could trade places with any of your leading ladies, who would it be and why?? I wouldn’t mind being Maia Douglas from my first romance For the Love of a God. For one thing, she works as a conservator of ancient Greek statuary in a museum- cool job or what? Plus, she attracts the attention of the Greek god of love. And this man knows how to love! She also has an awesome, quirky wardrobe.

2. In 5 words, please describe your ‘Romance Writing Style’. Humorous. Realistic. Contemporary. Quirky. Romantic.

3. Are any of your more ‘passionate’ scenes, based on any real life experiences? Nope! I would never do that to my hubby. He’d have a coronary. Private life is private life.

4. What is your ‘girl vice’? ie getting your hair done? Nails? Shopping? Gossiping? Chick flicks? I’m really not that girly. Shopping is not always fun for me. And I bite my nails so out goes the manicures. Facials are awesome.

5. Are any of your leading ladies, based on your you or any of the ladies in your life? If so, who? There are little bits of me in all my leading ladies. The insecurities, the way I put my foot in my mouth sometimes. The geekiness. That’s all me, or at least how I always perceived myself. I try not to base characters on friends/family- hits too close to home.

6. When writing your more ‘adult’ scenes, do you picture what’s happening in your head, then write what you see? Of do you use another technique? I begin by setting the scene. Where are they? What’s around them? Furniture? Other people? Objects that could be obstacles to lust? LOL I start with a kiss (it always has to start with a kiss), and progress from them. A few touches, a few heated words. We travel down south slowly, stopping at important junctures along the way, and make sure they get plenty of time to enjoy the view. And then I let the natural rhythm take its course.

7. This or That ~ Wine or Beer? Sex in the City or Caroline in the City? Perfume or Jewelry? Painted nails or Au Natural? Tall or Dark or Handsome? Beer! Caroline. Perfume. Au Natural. Tall.

8. Do your leading men come from any place in particular? Dreams? Movie stars? Your partner? Past partners? Never from movie stars, I know that much. I’m not inspired by them. I prefer to create a man from my imagination. I create my heroine and think, “Who would be the worst possible partner for her?” And then I make her fall in love with him.

9. What is the first romance novel you ever read? How old were you? I was 12 years old and it was Jane Eyre. I was swept right off my feet. It made me dream and made me want a Rochester of my own. I’d still like one actually…

10. Do you write for a particular audience or for yourself and pray others like it as well? I write for me, and trust there is an audience who wants to read my work. When I first put pen to paper with For the Love of a God, I created a book I wanted to read. I was surprised and delighted when my publisher made an offer, and subsequent offers, and am so happy people have responded to my romances.

11. What was the LAST (most recent) romance novel you read? Did you enjoy it? I read A Forever Kind of Love by fellow Liquid Silver Books author KS Anderson and liked it very much.

12. As a writer of romance, do you ever put yourself in your leading lady’s shoes and ‘walk’ around in them before you write? I walk around in those shoes the entire time I write the book. I always live vicariously through my heroines, and need to fall in love with my heroes. If I don’t, there’s a big problem. And I need to be able to sympathize with my heroines, or no one else will.

13. Would You Rather ~
Live 1 wk in your leading lady’s shoes
The leading lady from another author? Who & Why?
I think I would pick one of my own heroines…just to relive the hell I put them through! Might be fun to experience it for real!

14. Do you have any advice to give the leading lady of the novel you are currently working on or just finished? I do have advice for my current leading lady…stay calm. She’s an excitable sort. She’s a lynx shifter who’s going through her first heat and is having a bit of trouble keeping a lid on her baser urges. The need to mate has her rather distracted. I think I need to give her a hunky hero to help her out.

15. How hard do you try to keep your ‘love’ scenes realistic and flow with the plot? Does it come easy for you? It’s imperative to make love scenes realistic. Readers don’t just want to read about a sexy moment, they want to feel each skipped breath, each frantic kiss. I don’t know whether it always comes easily to me to write these scenes, but I certainly enjoy it a lot. And if I’ve done it well, I should be rather hot and bothered by the end of it!

16. in 5 years, where would you like to be in your career as a romance author? 10 years? I would love to be recognized as author who cares about her work, who is successful and professional and who has a great rapport with her readers. Fame and money are great, but they were never the driving factors for me in this business. It was always about love.

17. When it comes to mainstream Romance authors, who do you enjoy curling up with to read? I adore Diana Gabaldon, Karen Robards, Elizabeth Lowell, Molly Harper, Kathy Love and way too many more to mention here.

18. If your sweetheart wanted to sweep you off your feet, what would they need to do?? He wouldn’t need to resort to a grand gesture. The most wonderful thing my hubby ever said to me was when he remarked that I have “kind eyes.” Now that swept me off my feet! So I make him quote it once a week so he never forgets. LOL

19. In the spectrum of ‘Romance’, where would you place your most recent novel? Closer to the ‘Sweet’ side or ‘Naughty/Erotica’ side or somewhere in the middle?? Predator’s Serenade is my most recent and it’s a very comfortable naughty book. Lots of hot sex, but a good story. Oh, and some very fun food play. 😉

20. Do you ever daydream about people you see at the park? Airport? Train station? Mall? And build romance scenes around them while you daydream? Yes, I daydream about them, but don’t generally come up with plots revolving around strangers. They may spark a scene, but my stories tend to come out of nowhere. My pesky Muse pokes me until I listen and next thing I know, we have a book.

21. This or That ~ Romantic Dinner at Home or Romantic Dinner Out? Roses or Lilies? Diamonds or Emeralds? Demure or Sex Kitten? Making love on a secluded Beach or Making love in a secluded cabin in the woods? Dinner out (I get too few). Roses. Emeralds. Demure…with a sexy edge. Cabin in the woods…wouldn’t want sand in my crevices.


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rosanna Leo
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 10:30:26

    Thanks so much for having me, Steph! Glad to be here.


  2. Selena Robins Musings
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 10:56:50

    Loved this interview! Geek girls unite. 🙂

    I think you’ve already achieved your goals of being recognized as an author who truly cares about the written word and her readers and has a passion for writing wonderful love stories.


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