Romance Author ~ Ryshia Kennie


1. If you could trade places with any of your leading ladies, who would it be and why?? I don’t think I’d trade places with any of my leading ladies. Well, maybe for a day or two – Aidan in Fatal Intent is pretty hot and Simon in Intent To Kill is to die for. But I have my own hero at home so considering what these ladies have to do to get their man, I think I’ll stay home and stay safe.

2. In 5 words, please describe your ‘Romance Writing Style’. Unique characters in lush settings.

3. Are any of your more ‘passionate’ scenes, based on any real life experiences? Well it would make for an interesting story if they were but I have to say no.

4. What is your ‘girl vice’? ie getting your hair done? Nails? Shopping? Gossiping? Chick flicks?
Chick flicks

5. Are any of your leading ladies, based on your you or any of the ladies in your life? If so, who?
None of my leading ladies are based on me or anyone I know. Of course, I’m sure there are character quirks that come out in them from some place in real life but there are more traits that come out of no where.

6. When writing your more ‘adult’ scenes, do you picture what’s happening in your head, then write what you see? Of do you use another technique?
It’s kind of a combination of seeing it in my head and writing it. They should becomes they did and the reel begins to play.

7. This or That ~ Wine or Beer? Sex in the City or Caroline in the City? Perfume or Jewelry? Painted nails or Au Natural? Tall or Dark or Handsome?
Wine or beer – that’s tough. Can I answer both? Beer if it’s hot, wine in the evening. I loved Caroline in the City – I forgot all about that show. But I think I’d have to take Sex in the City. Mostly Au Natural, I always forget to take the polish off until it starts to chip.
Definitely Tall

8. Do your leading men come from any place in particular? Dreams? Movie stars? Your partner? Past partners? My leading men come from my imagination. But the beginnings of them could be a strange man’s uniquely sexy walk or an appealing accent I overhear or…

9. What is the first romance novel you ever read? How old were you? Not exactly a by-the-book romance but Jane of Lantern Hill. I was about ten and I loved the fact that Victoria got her estranged parents back together. As far as true romances, I used to read these serial romances when I visited my aunt. They were slim volumes of sweet romance where if the hero got a kiss he was lucky. I might have been fourteen then.

10. Do you write for a particular audience or for yourself and pray others like it as well? The reason to write the story is that someone else will enjoy it. So my readers are always foremost in my mind. Of course, when I write the story, there’s only me so I better be entertained or no one else will be.

11. What was the LAST (most recent) romance novel you read? Did you enjoy it? I’m currently reading Gone With The Wind – very slowly I must say, there’s been a lot going on this summer. And I even though there’s no happily ever after still… The romance is there through the story. Anyway, I love the layers of story, the nuances and the way some very unlikeable characters are made likeable. It’s a book you can dive into and get lost in.

12. As a write of romance, do you ever put yourself in your leading lady’s shoes and ‘walk’ around in them before you write? I did go to a craft sale in a thirties style dress and boots – so I could be Eva in From the Dust – a 1930’s romance. So yes, that was literally, and after the fact as the book was already written. In my head, do I walk around in their shoes – no. But I find myself in their head a lot as I write the story and figure out what they’re thinking and what they’d do next.

13. Would You Rather ~
Live 1 wk in your leading lady’s shoes
The leading lady from another author? Who & Why?
I’d live one week in any of my leading lady’s shoes after I write the end. Before that things are just too tough for them. I put them through a lot before they can snag their hero. Lost in the jungle, marked for death in Cambodia, fighting to survive in the depression – nope, wouldn’t want to be in any of those ladies, not until I write the end. Then I’d jump right in.

14. Do you have any advice to give the leading lady of the novel you are currently working on or just finished? I’d tell Claire in Intent to Kill that she should sell the condo in Minot and take Simon’s hand and let life happen.

15. How hard do you try to keep your ‘love’ scenes realistic and flow with the plot? Does it come easy for you? The love scenes come when the characters are ready. By the time it gets to that point they are pretty much directing the show. Love scenes come easy in some books and more difficult in others. It’s really the characters that tell me which way it will be.

16. in 5 years, where would you like to be in your career as a romance author? 10 years?
In five years I’d like to have an inventory of published books for readers to enjoy that will provide enough income so that I could solely focus on writing. In ten years – I’d just like more of the same.

17. When it comes to mainstream Romance authors, who do you enjoy curling up with to read? I love Lavyrle Spencer – she’s my favourite – it was a sad day for me when she retired. Otherwise I read across the board but a few consistent favourites: Julie Garwood, Susan Wiggs, Brenda Novak.

18. If your sweetheart wanted to sweep you off your feet, what would they need to do??
I’ve been spoiled through my life. So that said…
A passionate kiss at the door on arriving home and then the door closes behind us…
Pretty darn simple.

19. In the spectrum of ‘Romance’, where would you place your most recent novel? Closer to the ‘Sweet’ side or ‘Naughty/Erotica’ side or somewhere in the middle?? My first novel, From the Dust was a sweet romance. But most often, especially with my romantic suspense’s, they’re somewhere in the middle.

20. Do you ever daydream about people you see at the park? Airport? Train station? Mall? And build romance scenes around them while you daydream?
Give me free time anywhere and I’ll come up with a story and a plot. Especially if I see someone sitting there by themselves or looking over at someone or something else… Well…

21. This or That ~ Romantic Dinner at Home or Romantic Dinner Out? Roses or Lilies? Diamonds or Emeralds? Demure or Sex Kitten? Making love on a secluded Beach or Making love in a secluded cabin in the woods?
Romantic dinner at home. Roses. Emeralds. Demure or Sex Kitten – hmmm – may all depend.
Secluded cabin

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