Romance Author ~ Rinelle Grey


1. If you could trade places with any of your leading ladies, who would it be and why??

Since I currently only have one series, I guess it’s lucky that I’d be quite happy to be Marlee. I’ve always loved the idea of the challenge of trying to survive by growing my own food and making my own clothes. And luckily, I’d have a whole village of people to help me, and have the skills I don’t have!

2. In 5 words, please describe your ‘Romance Writing Style’.

Positive, uplifting, otherworldly, thought provoking, rewarding

3. Are any of your more ‘passionate’ scenes, based on any real life experiences?

Hmm. Well, I guess it would be hard not to write at least a little bit from experience here. Luckily though, I don’t write erotica, so my scenes don’t give too much away!

4. What is your ‘girl vice’? ie getting your hair done? Nails? Shopping? Gossiping? Chick flicks?

Definitely the chick flicks! I love sitting down to a good girlie movie. Although I admit, I’ll happily watch action too, so long as there’s a bit of a romance storyline.

5. Are any of your leading ladies, based on your you or any of the ladies in your life? If so, who?

I couldn’t say that I really base characters directly on me or anyone I know. My imagination tends to create the characters that will work best in the situations I create for them, and although most of them have a part of me in them, none of them are really, truly, who I am now.

6. When writing your more ‘adult’ scenes, do you picture what’s happening in your head, then write what you see? Of do you use another technique?

I’m not sure I picture, so much as feel. My scenes are more emotional than physical, and so I’m more focused on trying to capture the feelings the act inspires in the characters, and the level of closeness they share, than the actual physics of the scene.

7. This or That ~ Wine or Beer? Sex in the City or Caroline in the City? Perfume or Jewelry? Painted nails or Au Natural? Tall or Dark or Handsome?

If I had to pick, definitely wine (but I normally don’t drink). Sex in the City. Jewelery, Painted nails (if only it didn’t chip while I was typing!) Handsome.

8. Do your leading men come from any place in particular? Dreams? Movie stars? Your partner? Past partners?

As with my women characters, my male characters grow to fit the situation, and the needs of my heroine. I don’t really base them on anything. They do tend to be more sensitive and caring than alpha male, which does tend to reflect my choice in men though.

9. What is the first romance novel you ever read? How old were you?

If you’re counting adult romance, I was probably about 15, I think, and it was a typical mills and boon (similar to harlequin?) that I ‘borrowed’ from my mum. I can’t remember the exact book though! I did read a lot of teen romance before that, probably the most memorable would be the Sweet Valley High series of books.

10. Do you write for a particular audience or for yourself and pray others like it as well?

I write the books I want to read. I figure that I’m not that unique, and chances are, if I enjoy it, others will too. So far, that seems to be the case!

11. What was the LAST (most recent) romance novel you read? Did you enjoy it?

My most recent romance was a beta read for a friend of mine, Baby Blues and Wedding Shoes, by Amanda Martin.

12. As a writer of romance, do you ever put yourself in your leading lady’s shoes and ‘walk’ around in them before you write?
If I can, I’ll definitely give it a go. For Reckless Rescue, many of the skills Marlee has (such as spinning, vegie gardening, milking goats, bottling etc) I’ve at least tried myself. Other’s though, like getting buried in snow or flying in a spaceship, are far from my experience.

13. Would You Rather ~
Live 1 wk in your leading lady’s shoes
The leading lady from another author? Who & Why?

Ohh, that’s a hard one. There are so many people I’d enjoy being. I’d love to be a character in a Georgette Heyer novel, all those beautiful dresses! (Though I’m not sure I’d enjoy the underwear.) I think being a leading lady in one of Jenifer Probst’s novels would be pretty fun too, they always seem to find themselves in some interesting situations.

And, of course, I’d enjoy being one of my leading ladies, although I think I’d pass on some of the action scenes! I love writing about magic and swordfighting, but I’m not so sure I’d be good at it. Maybe with a lot of practice?

Really though, I think I prefer my own life. Much as that first love is fun and exciting, I love my settled life, where I know I can count on the love of my husband.

14. Do you have any advice to give the leading lady of the novel you are currently working on or just finished?

Great question! I’d love to swoop in and tell Brianna to trust that things will work out all right. But then, of course, there wouldn’t be any story, would there?

15. How hard do you try to keep your ‘love’ scenes realistic and flow with the plot? Does it come easy for you?

For me, I don’t write a love scene unless it is integral to the plot, and furthers the relationship between the characters, and so they tend to be realistic.

16. in 5 years, where would you like to be in your career as a romance author? 10 years?

In 5 years, I hope to have 15-20 books out, and be making a decent living from my writing. In ten years, hopefully double that. But more importantly, I hope I find an audience of people who love my books, and want to know when the next one is out. That’s my ultimate writing goal.

17. When it comes to mainstream Romance authors, who do you enjoy curling up with to read?

I’m not picky. So long as there’s a guaranteed HEA, I’ll read most romance authors! I tend, personally, to read mostly indie, because I like their price tag. I love Jenifer Proust, Ruth Cardello, and Jody Hedlund.

18. If your sweetheart wanted to sweep you off your feet, what would they need to do??

Some kid free time would be a good start! Then, hmm, a candlelit dinner at home, followed by a nice romantic movie. Or a weekend in Bora Bora. Whichever.

19. In the spectrum of ‘Romance’, where would you place your most recent novel? Closer to the ‘Sweet’ side or ‘Naughty/Erotica’ side or somewhere in the middle??

Reckless Rescue and Reckless Rebellion (out 18th September) are both closer to the Sweet spectrum. Reckless Rescue does have some plot specific love scenes, but they aren’t explicit, and are more about emotions than the physical side of the spectrum. In Reckless Rebellion, they’re closed door, since my character’s relationship is already pretty established, and they don’t add directly to the plot.

My WIP, Twin Curse (hopefully due out in December) is slightly hotter, but still on the sweet side.

20. Do you ever daydream about people you see at the park? Airport? Train station? Mall? And build romance scenes around them while you daydream?

I’m a rather private person, and as such, I tend not to really notice people around me either. If I did, I’d be more likely to take the emotion I feel from watching a scene, and turn it into a book. But more often, my inspiration comes from dreams or movie scenes.

21. This or That ~ Romantic Dinner at Home or Romantic Dinner Out? Roses or Lilies? Diamonds or Emeralds? Demure or Sex Kitten? Making love on a secluded Beach or Making love in a secluded cabin in the woods?
Romantic dinner at home, roses, diamonds, Do I have to choose? I like to chop and change… Definitely cabin in the woods, sand in the wrong places isn’t much fun! Nor is sunburn…

Thanks for this opportunity Stephanie.

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