Romance Author ~ Perri Forrest


If you could trade places with any of your leading ladies, who would it be and why??

While Valentina is not my leading lady, close enough in line, I would definitely LOVE trading places with her. She is beautiful, powerful, confident, and owns her very own “resort”, where she is in the company of successful, and amazing men, all the time. She is a woman who is confident, but not cocky, and has an old soul.


In 5 words, please describe your ‘Romance Writing Style’.

Sensual. Suspenseful. Engaging. Edgy. Charismatic.


What is your ‘girl vice’? ie getting your hair done? Nails? Shopping? Gossiping? Chick flicks?

I love chick flicks. The ones that have a message to them while drawing you into the actual story. I love celebrity gossip! I won’t lie. There’s just something about knowing that these people’s lives aren’t as perfect as we deem them to be.


Are any of your leading ladies, based on your you or any of the ladies in your life? If so, who?

Gabriella’s character is very much based on me. She is a bit of who I strive to be, who I have at times been, and her way of thinking is more like mine than all my other characters. I believe each of her situations were handled exactly as Perri would have handled them.


When writing your more ‘adult’ scenes, do you picture what’s happening in your head, then write what you see? Of do you use another technique?

When writing those adult scenes, I get into fantasy mode and think about what I would like to have happen to me or how I would imagine a very sexy scene to play out and I move forward with bringing it to life.


This or That ~ Wine or Beer? Sex in the City or Caroline in the City? Perfume or Jewelry? Painted nails or Au Natural? Tall or Dark or Handsome?

Moscato! (Wine). Sex in the City! Oh shoot! Uhhh…Jewelry, preferably sapphire. Au Natural on the nails. Tall, dark, AND Handsome


Do your leading men come from any place in particular? Dreams? Movie stars? Your partner? Past partners? Not in particular.

Dionisio, the male character who was once married to Valentina is actually an image of the man I could see myself being head over heels for. He was an older man, suave, businessman, beautiful, and went for what he wanted with Valentina with no hesitation. A take charge man! Hmmm…now I’m trying to think of a way to bring him back so I can embellish upon his story a bit more. You’ve given me something to think about.


What is the first romance novel you ever read? How old were you?

I can’t remember how old I was but I read Jackie Collins’ Chances. Lucky Santangelo is my absolute favorite book chick, EVER. I don’t personally know Jackie Collins, but she gifted me with a book to remember and a style to emulate and I am forever grateful.


Do you write for a particular audience or for yourself and pray others like it as well?

I would say that I’m in a unique situation since my writing style doesn’t particularly fit comfortably into any particular setting (i.e. urban lit/suburban lit), that I write for myself and pray that others will like it as well. Yes, definitely that.


What was the LAST (most recent) romance novel you read? Did you enjoy it?

I can’t remember because I just penned my debut novel and was very strict on myself about NOT reading while I was in writing mode. When I did read a book it was James Patterson because I’m very much into suspense thriller – go figure.


As a write of romance, do you ever put yourself in your leading lady’s shoes and ‘walk’ around in them before you write?

I do since I live most of them. They, for the most part are living in my shoes, or I am trying theirs on for the first time. I think as a new writer a lot of what I’ve been dabbling in for the beginning have been situations that I  have endured and as I become more seasoned and my experiences have been talked about enough, I will begin experimenting in other areas.



How hard do you try to keep your ‘love’ scenes realistic and flow with the plot? Does it come easy for you?

It comes natural because I am very much into a full body experience when lovemaking in my own life, so I need to stay true to that with my characters. I like for my female characters to be women who are very much in tuned to their sexual desires and be able to have a man who matches that.


in 5 years, where would you like to be in your career as a romance author? 10 years?

I love this question because I think of it often. I want to be loved by readers. I want my own audience who speak about me and place me into my own category. Who email to me and Facebook me asking me, “when is the next one coming out?!” I have immersed myself in as many areas as I could handle on the business side of things, so in addition to being a successful author in my big, beautiful home, with the nice big writing room filled with sunlight…I would also like to have my very own publishing company and work to help new authors who take their craft seriously and need a fair start in the industry.



If your sweetheart wanted to sweep you off your feet, what would they need to do??

He would need to understand the art of seduction thoroughly. He would need to know how to make love to my mind and not just my body. I love intellect on a man. It’s the most attractive attribute, in my opinion. He would plan the perfect evening that would begin with picking me up in a limo, destination known only to him, and once we are there, he would need to hold my attention the entire evening and spend the rest of that night and into the morning, giving my body…my soul, much needed therapy.


In the spectrum of ‘Romance’, where would you place your most recent novel? Closer to the ‘Sweet’ side or ‘Naughty/Erotica’ side or somewhere in the middle??

This book is a prequel to a story titled, Rendezvous. Now, Rendezvous, I would definitely label more on the Erotica side of things, where Revolving Doors, I would say somewhere between ErotiSweet! Is that a category? Lol!



This or That ~ Romantic Dinner at Home or Romantic Dinner Out? Roses or Lilies? Diamonds or Emeralds? Demure or Sex Kitten? Making love on a secluded Beach or Making love in a secluded cabin in the woods? 

Romantic dinner out! Roses…blue ones. Diamonds! I’m a sex kitten that plays the demure role. Making love in a secluded cabin in the woods where we could howl as loud as the wolves!

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