EBooks verses Paperbacks


Ereader verses Paperback!!!

I am going to just jump in here and say, I LOVE my paperbacks. I am team paperback about 75% of the time. The way they feel, smell, the organic nature of holding a book in my hands while I dive into an unknown world; it’s heaven. I find it also an experience to go through them.

In this world of electronics, ereaders are all the rage; for Christmas last year my hubby and boys got me a NookHD which is AWESOME. I can set different profiles for my 4 year old, my 13 year old and myself. I can decide what content they each have access too including books, games, internet; so as a mom, it gives me that added level of security, it even recommends games for my munchkin, so an added bonus.

However, I do think I will have to invest in a Kindle, only because I get so many novels for it; I have to app on my iPhone, so you might think its rhetorical to have another device to toss in my purse, but trust me, when you realize how much memory eBooks take up on your phone, you will want an ereader or a paperback. I think my Kindle has over 4,000 novels and novellas, between what is on iCloud and actually on my phone.

As an avid reader of the written word, I don’t care what form it comes to me, as long as it comes to Momma!! Tossing a paperback into my purse as I head out the door for a trip with hubby is always fun, he prefers to chat when he isn’t answering calls for work, so putting my nose in a book is a great escape; now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my hubby, I just have several book boyfriends, yes, in the same series (more on that in another post). It’s difficult to read my phone or Nook while in car since I must wear Polarized sunglasses; they cut the glare (and help to prevent migraines), so they cut the words from the ereader, so I either A) have to take my sunglasses off, B) talk to hubby, C), try to sleep, or D) read a paperback. Usually, I go for C or D, lol.

Simple Comparison ~

Ereader – Electronic, have to keep it charged, can hold thousands of books and games, easy to get books, can email from, thin, can highlight passages, easy to jump or search

Paperback/Hardcover – no charge necessary, one story at a time, can read in the bath, its easy to share (just hand it over), don’t have to worry about glare, you need to have bookmarks, don’t have to worry about it shorting out in the water

Plenty of authors are getting their start with eBooks; I have many Indie Author friends who I luv and adore, and their works are ONLY available via ereader format; does that mean I will stop reading them? Not on your life! I have made some wonderful friends and I would not trade reading their books on my iPhone or Nook for ANYTHING.

Mainstream authors, sorry, give me my PAPERBACK! Do not forget us paperback fans! Don’t short change us and publish something ONLY for an ereader, be fair. We are fans too, we just want to have the nice set of you books on our shelf for others to see and to share with our girl friends and to grab when we need some bath time reading material (a few have gotten baptized, yet they are still alive and have forgiven me). Paperbacks are NOT dead.

Bookstores are still around, so there is a large market for physical books; I could spend hours and hours in a used book store (I have a few times) or Barnes and Noble. I find it a community experience while searching the shelves looking for something new or someone new or an old favorite. When I see someone searching in a used book store around where a favorite author is, I usually make small talk, that’s how I discovered a few authors who I am now a big fan of; other authors I have discovered just by walking down the isle at Target and the cover caught my eye, buy the book and I’m hooked, then my search was on for the other books in that series. That would not have happened if I had seen an eBook.

I find myself stretched thin some times with eBooks. I will be reading 5 or 6 books simultaneously, yet with paperbacks, one or possibly 2 if I am very adventurous at a time. That keeps my attention and plots from wandering too much, plenty of times I have been reading one eBook and then switch to another and another, since I get a new one that looks great and I end up forgetting about the other one for weeks; then it takes a while to get back into the groove of that one again; whereas with my paperback, I can see my progress and its sitting on my nightstand or in my purse and it BEGS me to ‘come read me.. just a few pages.. you know you want too” Does anyone else’s paperback(s) do that or is it just mine? Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep some nights that makes my book talk to me or being over caffeinated.

Well, the great debate of Ereaders verses paperbacks will continue on without a definite winner; just think about this, if the power went out or all electricity was gone, forever, paperbacks would still be able to be read.

I don’t care what you read or how you read; just READ!! Books are MY way to relax after being ‘mommy’ all day. They are my retreat and way to unwind after school stuff, bills, NRA classes (bet ya didn’t expect that!!), family drama and life. For me, books and sanity are one in the same.

What are you curing up with today??


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