Book Reviews

A quick page on Book Reviews.

I prefer to read paperbacks [occassional hardcover], so a LOT of what you will see will be from what I actually get into my hands, my iPhone has OVER 1200 novels in various formats – Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Classic Books, iBooks and Wattpad, so my to be read ‘stack’ is thick [and constantly growing].

I do LOVE doing Author Requested Reviews (ARRs), Beta reads and ARC (advanced reader copy). Sometimes friends ask me to review their novels either for a Beta read or just for a review, I am honoured that you/they would ask me to read your/their novel and do a review.

I am currently open to doing ARRs, I have a few I have already agreed to do, all others will be on a first come first read basis. I post my reviews not only on here, but on goodreads, amazon and barnes & noble as well (if and when possible). If you are interested in having me do a book review or want to suggest a book for review, just leave a comment here or contact me on goodreads.

Authors will please provide a copy of your novel if you wish for me to do an ARR, ARC or Beta read. Readers/Followers, please feel free to suggest any novels that you come across that you would like to see reviewed here.

I do my best to ‘screen’ novels before I read them, some slip thorugh and I end up giving reviews that are less than stellar; I try my best to showcase novels that are 4 or 5 Stars. Keep your eyes open for a new romance rating system coming up in the Fall of 2013.


My rating system ~

5 Stars – Exceptional; a novel I will share or pass to other friends

4 Stars – Great; Fun to Read and something that I will share with others

3 Stars – Average; Not great, had potential to be better in my eyes

2 Stars – Below Average; wondering Why I even read it or Picked it up

1 Star – Yuck; Wondering why I even read or attempted to read it.


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