Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

“Mary, Did You Know?” My favorite Christmas Song. This version will make you cry.

I wanted to wish all my loyal followers, friends, authors who have put up with me this year, guests and humanity; a very Merry Christmas. Today I’m with my family and all that entails.

God Bless everyone of you, for God brought you here for a reason. We may not know why yet, but that’s not important. 🙂

Don’t forget our troops who are not with their families this holiday season. They sacrifice so we can be free and can celebrate however we desire.

Hugs & Christmas Blessings,





Happy Valentine’s Day 2013



Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends. Readers. Followers. Authors.

Newcomers to the blog and guests who are just stopping by for a quick look around and visit.

Today is a day for lovers, for those with someone to love or someone that they want to love.

I’m sending loving, positive thoughts, prayers and vibes to everyone on this day of romance.